Hey! Thanks for purchasing! Here are few simple methods to remove our CS:GO stickers from any surfaces. If you need to remove some sticker - just choose one of these ways and follow it. Let's start with three most popular methods!

  • Method #1:

Just try removing a sticker with your fingers. You can also try any blade, but it requires some practice.

  • Method #2:

You can remove a sticker from metal, glass or plastic surface with a hairdryer. Turn it to low heat and  aim it at the sticker, wait for the adhesive to warm up. Now peel off the sticker with a plastic knife or a used plastic card. Wipe the surface with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

  • Method #3:

Apply vegetable oil on a stickers attached to wood, glass or plastic. Spread oil on the sticker and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Remove the sticker with a plastic card or disposable knife. Wash with soap and wipe with dry cloth.

Other reliable methods:

    • Method #4:
      The stickers on glass, porcelain and ceramic surfaces are easily removed with ethanol. Wet a cotton pad with ethanol and wipe the sticker. Leave for a couple of minutes. Remove the sticker and wash out the residue with dish soap.
        • Method #5:
          To remove a sticker from clothes, use hot water with a detergent. Dilute the detergent with water and apply it with sponge. Leave it to wet and then remove. Wash the close afterwards. If you have a sticker on a delicate fabric, try removing it with a wide adhesive tape. Stick the tape to a sticker firmly and then pull away quickly.
            • Method #6:
              Try removing stickers from book covers with a non-acetone polish remover. Warm upp a sticker with a hairdryer and remove with a plastic card. Wet the pad with the remover and wipe the surface. Don’t use too much remover, the pad should be slightly wet.
                • Method #7:

                  If none of the methods helped, use a special sticker lifter (for example German spray LABEL-OFF).

                    • Method #8:

                      Finally, you can attach a brand new cool sticker above the sticker you don’t like! : )