You have purchased our amazing stickers and have no idea where to stick them? This article is going to look at several most popular surfaces to put our stickers on! Let us start with:

  • Gadgets/Devices

Gadgets and devices indeed! All of you love computer games for sure, CS:GO in particular, which means you definitely have plenty of different gadgets and devices. Feel free to stick our stickers on your smartphones, laptops, system units, photo cameras, screens and speakers. There are no limits to your imagination. Go for it!  

  • Vehicles 

Do you want your friends and acquaintances see your stickers? Stick them on your bicycles, scooters, skates (they will look particularly well on skates), motorbikes, and even your cars! Our stickers will sure give your vehicle personality and make it look even more noticeable. Why not? 

  • Honors board in your room

The good idea would be to buy the series of our stickers and stick them all on some nice board and then hang it on the wall in your room. You can also make a paned frame and put all the stickers under the glass, giving it a cool and collectible look. Creative, isn’t it? 

  • Anywhere you want!

The world isn’t limited to your room or your house! There are streets, walls, streetlamps, lifts, fences, garage gates, you name it! If you feel like playing pranks, stick your favorite stickers in the most inappropriate places!